Spamlandian Television

An MC2 news server by spamdude


release v0.1.3

Serving x worlds and counting!

STV setup and info

What STV does

STV is a project I've been working on since the standards were released for custom news feeds. The name might be a little misleading, as it's really only a list of headlines and event responses, just like what the default news ticker (GNN) provides. You can only see one news source at a time per world, but you can switch back and forth at any point. Content-wise, STV's pretty similar to GNN, but there are a lot more miscellaneous headlines and bad humor. There will be more headlines, stories, and the like in the future.

How to set up STV on a world

To link STV to any world you own, just open the World tab of the statistics page and type the URL of this website ( into the news server input box at the bottom of the tab. After closing out the tab, you should then be able to see STV by clicking the red GNN logo at the bottom left corner of the screen and selecting Spamlandian Television from the list of options that will appear there. There may be occasional downtimes for this domain, but they should be very brief for the most part.

If STV doesn't show up in your news tabs

Try clicking in to the news server input box and clicking out again. This will prompt your game to automatically poll each of the news sources listed in the box, and if successful, the news information will update and you won't need to do this again. Keep in mind that you'll need an internet connection to get news from external sources such as STV!

Happy colonizing!